If he needed your help in the event of an emergency, could you save his life? 

If your answer is no, GET CPR, 1ST AID, and AED TRAINED TODAY!


"Let us take care of your administrative load

and keep your trucks on the road!"

We can handle all your trucking administrative requirements.  The following are areas where we can help keep your business in compliance and up-to-date no matter what area of the country you are based in:

Licensing & Permits - BOC-3 Form/Process Agents - IRS Form 2290 - Federal Employee ID Number (EIN) - IFTA Quarterly Filing - UCR Registration - Add'l Weight Distance Travel (WDTF) Permits

Audits and Management Cycle - We, also are prepared to respond to FMCSA penalties - Prepare DOT audit and review - Know Safety Management Policies and Procedures - Address Driver Accountability and Compliance Services

We will also provide the following services:

CPR, 1ST AID, AED Certifications - OSHA Requirements - Maintain Driver Logs - Owner Responsibility - Maintain Current Annual Inspection Status Information - Driver Qualification Documents - Bookkeeping - Individual and Corporate Tax Preparation & Filing - Business Entity & Structure

Give Cathy Hatter a call today for a free consultation!  It's time to get your trucking service on the right track with the right company!


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Following your consultation with Cathy, and once you have chosen which services meet your needs, you will be directed to the block for payment.  We are happy that you have chosen our Trucking Services to handle all your trucking needs!